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About us

Let’s explore the world of colors and beauty together with the help of iris photography! If they like creative challenges and unique artistic solutions, then this is our common world. Iris photography is an exciting and fascinating way to capture the special details of the eyes.

A unique image that can even be a discovery of our inner world! It gives us the opportunity to capture the details and patterns in the eyes, which tell countless stories about us and the important moments of our lives.

The color, pattern and texture of our irises are all unique, and these details make us and our photos special.

It shows the beauty of the eyes and expresses our individual style. The play of colors, lights and shadows gives a new dimension to make mistakes to create wonderful pictures. our unique technique allows us to capture and display the iris of the eye in great detail. A kind of artistic creation that serves as a reflection of human individuality to the eye. Since the details and colors can be highlighted, our image becomes a personal and emotional image, and from then on it is no longer just an eye image, but an artistic work that reflects a person’s uniqueness and personality.

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Only $59.00 per digital 300 dpi file
Opening price includes:
+ 1 free letter size printed photo
+ 1 free acrylic holder
+ 1 free tote bag


Exploded single effect.

Double exploded effect.

Double Yin-Yang effect.

Half and half, can be ordered with several eyes.

Triple exploded effect, can be requested with several eyes.

Triple yin-yang effect, can be requested with several eyes.

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